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Transitioning to a new form of energy production and consumption can be both expensive and timely. IslandPower has developed unique legal and financial systems that draws together innovation, communities, academia, Government and regulators to create a bespoke energy systems. 


Energy systems globally are in need of rapid development and upgrades in order for us to achieve the United Nations Goals on Climate Change as well as Net Zero Carbon 2050. 


The unprecedented  COVID19 pandemic of 2020/21 has seen governments call for large-scale infrastructure investments.  With 'Building Back Better' being taken as building back bigger. Although large-scale infrastructure is needed it still exposes energy networks to failure due to the inherent lack of resilience and focus on Least Financial Cost. IslandPower's in-depth energy systems analysis along with our partnership model allows us to align with governments' Environmental and Industrial Strategies with an integrated 'whole energy systems' approach. 


Energy is thermal and electrical. By understanding the heat / cooling demands of community/building, we are able to design a robust, resilient and renewable energy system. 

We create and understand the interplay between all the comments in the energy demand system. Looking not only at energy production, but also at distribution and its losses as well as the cost of energy delivered. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the transport and industrial systems. Allowing us to integrate the different energy silos into one wholistic and dynamic energy system. 

We are a route to market for innovators who need to have limited access or relevant support to enter markets. We achieve this by identifying the barriers to entry and gaps in the market so as to enable faster 'up-take' of an energy system. This is done through developing a strong value chain. 


Water Energy


Home Energy 

Wind Energy

Living Lab

Solar Energy 


Energy Markets

Battery Storage 


Dynamic Systems

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